Friday, November 15, 2013

My UFO (unfinished object)

This is the block I sent in for the UFO project in CQ for newbies.
It's hard to believe anything could save this eye sore.
Can you believe this is the same block after 5 talented ladies got through with it!!!  I intend to finish it off and somehow frame it for display.  I have some gold fabric to use for borders, to start with.

Marianne's Gray/Grey study block

Marianne mails to me so I was the first one to work on her block.
This is her block. I did a few seams, added the tatted heart, the sequin waste thingee in the lower left corner, and added a viney thing with a caterpillar.
Here's a close up of the caterpillar.  It's still sorta difficult to see.